A modern broom design
that is functional and efficient

We make our modern grassbrooms to carry our tradition of local brooms but improve its design and ergonomics. We use local grass from the best plantations in the North-East of Thailand and design a new product based that highlights and brings out the best out this material. We focus on details and process to make our product clean, well-built, and to honor our natural materials.

Innovative ergonomics

The methods of creating the modern grassbroom has been polished again and again by the designer and the assembly team. It has been developed from many techniques of broom-making that has been passed down and mastered. The broom is complete at the hands and the home of our customer who appreciates the quality and precision of the modern grassbroom.

Enhancing Living Lifestyle

With an improved broom mechanics and selected high quality grass, it has never been easier to clean the finest particles in your home. The corners of your room and be cleaned easily. This broom is light, ergonomically designed for best posture, and can be hung easily or attached with its complementary dustpan.

Universal Design

We want to create awareness and make a product that will encourage a straight posture, a product that is beautiful for a living home, and to build the best functional broom. All the pieces are well built and attached to make the cleaning experience the best and most comfortable.

Socially responsible and environmentally-friendly

With our product, we can save plastic and promote local business instead of using artificial cleaning products that create more waste to our environment. Our materials are environment friendly from our wooden handle, recycled plastic, grass, and binding materials.


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